Director James Mangold Says ‘Logan’ is a “Grownup Drama”

I don’t know about all you kids out there, but I’ve been waiting for an R-rated Wolverine film for about as long as Hugh Jackman has played the character. Yes, an R rating isn’t the solution to Wolverine finally getting a great film (The Wolverine almost got it right, until the third act). But things should be different this time around, with James Mangold back to direct and a script that will thrive off both creative freedom and a modest budget. Thank you, Deadpool for showing 20th Century Fox thee way.

Speaking of Mangold, he’s become quite a fun guy to follow on twitter lately. He recently shot down those ridiculous rumors about Deadpool appearing in his upcoming film, and in a new interview, he also felt the need to remind everyone that this R rated film will not be for everyone:

“Logan is an attempt to bring an end to Hugh’s amazing line of performances as Wolverine. And the ambition of doing that is to try and make an ‘adult film’ about Wolverine. To make a movie for grownups. We’re not trying to make a movie that [satisfies] everyone. We’re trying to make a movie that stands out and is different because it’s kind of a grownup drama that also features intense action.”

If last year’s comic book films proved anything, it’s that audiences can accept something that stands out and is different, as long as it’s good. Deadpool (an unknown, R-rated character) grossed over $750 million because of its outstanding marketing campaign and word of mouth. Logan appears to be on the right track to replicate that success, with its memorable first trailer and highly active social media presence. Not to mention the unfortunate idea that Logan will be Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, which will surely boost the word of mouth as we approach its release date. It might not be a film for everyone, but as a mid-20’s aged man, I’m perfectly okay with that. Logan hits theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

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