‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Spoilers Discussion & Review

Well everyone, if you haven’t headed out to your local theater and seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by now, then I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. It may not be perfect, but in spite of its flaws, it’s one hell of an entry into the Star Wars universe. The Gareth Edwards directed film that stars Felicity Jones is by far the most unique Star Wars film to date because of not just its approach to the universe, but the time era it takes place in and specific story it tells.

But I’ve said enough. Because it’s the latest Star Wars movie to be released, it’s only right that we dissect the hell out of it and not just review the film with no boundaries, but delve deep into spoilers and all the easter eggs that the film has. Myself (Jake) and Jacob took time last week to do so, as spent 40+ minutes geeking out, both positively and negatively, about the latest film in the galaxy far, far way.

After listening to our overall thoughts and discussion of everything Rogue One, let us know your thoughts in both the comments below and the comments on our YouTube channel. What did you think? What do you love, like, and not like so much? Was it what you’d hoped it be? Maybe even better? Remember, this is a spoilers review, so let loose! And as always, thank you for listening and may the force be with you.

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