First Look: Ansel Elgort & Jamie Foxx in Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’

Ansel Elgort & Jamie Foxx in Baby DriverEdgar Wright is a one-of-a-kind director, and getting an early glimpse at one of his next films always seems like a treat. The last time we saw an Edgar Wright film was way back in 2013 with The World’s End, which was hilariously awesome. Each film to this point has added clarification to what a Wight film is, as each feature great action, but most importantly, unique filmmaking with a very distinct style of comedy. But his next film, which Wight describes as an “action crime film,” is something new from the director and thankfully, we now have our first look.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the images late last week, which feature just a few members of the magnificent ensemble cast: Ansel Elgort, Jamie Fox, and Jon Hamm. The project, titled Baby Driver, shifted into high gear when Wright (sadly) left Marvel’s Ant-Man a few years back, resulting in the film transitioning into more of an action crime film, just as Wright describes in the following:

“It’s an action crime film. It’s funny in places but it’s not a comedy. It gets genuinely tense and threatening. That was actually a fun thing for me — to do dramatic or thriller scenes which just up the ante.”

The film follows a talented, young getaway driver named Baby, played by Elgort, who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to not only be the best in the game, but to drown out a constant ringing in his ears. When Baby meets the girl of his dreams, played by Lily James, he sees a chance to get out of the game for good, but must face the music when a doomed heist threatens everything while working for a crime boss, Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Eiza Gonzalez & Jon Hamm in Baby Driverplayed by Kevin Spacey. The synopsis clearly sounds like something very different when it comes to Edgar Wright. But to keep the same unique feel, all the action in the film – gun shots, driving, etc – is choreographed to the beat of the soundtrack playing in Baby’s ears. Excited yet?

Not only does the film sound very different, but still much of the same for Wright, but it features an outstanding cast, most of which I mentioned above. Most of us are used to seeing Simon Pegg, Nick Forst, and Martin Freeman star in his film, but Baby Driver features none of those. With it being an Edgar Wright film, I’m extremely interested in seeing how these actors are placed in the story and what kind of work they can pull off with Wright’s characters. Elgort’s Baby already sounds like a character I want to journey along this story with, what else does this film have up its sleeve?

With just a few details and now our first look, Baby Driver looks it’ll be one of 2017s most exciting films. With Edgar Wright at the helm, an ensemble cast like this one, and the kind of story penned down, Baby Driver just shot up my list for next year’s films. What about you? How is Wright’s latest sounding to you? Are you looking forward to its first trailer more now? Wright’s Baby Driver speeds into theaters on August 11th, 2017.

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