New ‘Wonder Woman’ Image Reveals Diana’s “Moment”

With Christmas just around the corner and the 2016 movie season wrapping up very quickly, many studios are looking ahead to their 2017 plates by giving fans small, but exciting gifts before the year is over. When next year does come around, fans will be marking down their calendars with some of their most anticipated films. One film will undoubtedly be on nearly every list, Wonder Woman.

won-wom-gkswordpic-largeFirst up, Wonder Woman. Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is considered by many to be a disappointment, which includes myself, hope for the DCEU is still very high, and that’s because of Wonder Woman. Despite the harsh reviews regarding characters and doing them “justice” per say, that never included Diana Prince because her introduction was one of the bright spots of Zack Snyder’s film. Now, that was only a few awesome moments within an unfortunate film, but following the two trailers released for the solo film, fans everywhere are planning their summer around the release of Patty Jenkins’ film.

The two trailers so far for Wonder Woman have featured a fantastic amount of action and character moments, so much so that it’s actually surprised us how fantastic it looks. But for myself, and for many, the origins of Diana and where she comes from is one of the more exciting parts of this film. How did she become Wonder Woman? What about her arsenal? How did she come to wield a sword, shield, and lasso? Part of the trailer answered that question, as Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, denied her of fighting the war for men, leading her to go rogue and take the needed accessories to fight the “war to end all wars.”

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have a closer look at the moment Diana steals her famous sword, which apparently is named “god killer.” Here’s what EW had to say about the scene the image focuses on and what director Patty Jenkins calls “her moment”:

There is a point in any good origin story where the hero has to make the decision to step out on her own, forge her own path, and fight for what’s right. For Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), her moment comes when she disobeys her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen); breaks into the heavily guarded armory on her idyllic all-female island of Themyscira; and — as seen in the exclusive image above — steals the Amazon’s mythical sword, the “god killer,” before heading to Europe to help save humanity.

In the comics, there have been many difference instances when the name god killer has popped up, but the scenario of which a sword (with the same name) used by Zeus during a war between Olympian and Japanese Gods sticks out the most. While not confirmed (yet), it’s been rumored and speculated that Diana’s origins have been altered for the DCEU, and rather being created from clay, she’s in fact the demigod daughter of Zeus, which would mean that the “god killer” could belong to her father.

This is just speculation on my part, but it does make the most sense at this point, and would give even more backing to how powerful the sword really is. Hopefully the film will enlighten us on Diana’s origins, but the swords as well. What do you think? Is it the sword of Zeus or just another sword shrined by the Amazonian’s? Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and hits theaters on June 2nd, 2017.



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