‘Gotham City Sirens’ Spinoff to Reunite David Ayer & Margot Robbie

In some unexpected news, Warner Bros. has announced an upcoming Harley Quinn spinoff titled Gotham City Sirens. The news broke early yesterday, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, which also revealed that Suicide Squad director David Ayer and star Margot Robbie will be reteaming for the SUICIDE SQUADnewly announced DCEU project. Ayer will also produced the film and Robbie, who wowed as Harley Quinn this past summer, will be joined by two famous rogue’s of a certain caped crusader.

The story is said to focus on her character’s criminal adventures with Batman rogue’s Poison Ivy and Catwoman. This all but confirms the studio’s initial plans for a Birds of Prey movie (featuring heroines such as Katana, Black Canary, etc.), led by Harley Quinn, will not be happening anytime soon, although it’s possible the two ideas came together to form this movie.

I never believed for a second that Ayer was completely satisfied with how Suicide Squad turned out. No matter how many times he supported Warner Bros.’ decisions and the final cut (director’s cut) of the movie, there had to be a reason he was being so supportive. Now I know the reason why.

Normally, I’d be excited for a movie like this, except this time I must temper expectations. Don’t get me wrong, Robbie was perfect as Harley Quinn and I’m glad she’s coming back. However, the way Warner Bros. came in and snatched Suicide Squad right out from Ayer’s hands worries me. Obviously writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Tomb Raider) will have more than six weeks to finish a script, which is good news. But if this film is going to have another ridiculous plot that’s jam packed with music, then I’m not interested. Hopefully Geoff Johns, Ayer, and Robbie can give us something a little more gritty and dark, considering the film features some of Gotham’s infamous female villains.

Sources: THR, Comicbook.com

Gotham City Sirens

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