‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’: Will Supreme Leader Snoke Be a Practical Effect?

One of the bigger reveals that Star Wars fans are anticipating, but aren’t talking much about is that of Supreme Leader Snoke. Played by Andy Serkis, via motion capture, this character loomed in the background, putting his faith into Kylo Ren and General Hux to crush the Resistance and find Luke Skywalker. The way The Force Awakens ended teased that we may finally get to meet Snoke in person. And while details on exactly who he is and his backstory are faint, a new rumor reveals how the filmmakers may bring him to life.

As stated earlier, Serkis played the character in motion capture format. For Episode VIII however, director Rian Johnson will continue to uphold Lucasfilm’s commitment towards filmmaking with practical effects through the Snoke character. According to the folks at, at least part of the production for Episode VIII involved creating a “seven or eight foot tall puppet, operated by several people,” to bring the Snoke character to life. I find this fascinating, because it shows the filmmakers dedication to truly creating life-like creatures extends to the major characters.

star-wars-the-force-awakens-snoke1If we are to ever see Snoke in action (say Snoke vs. Luke), then I expect to see more of a CGI version of his character. His hologram presence in The Force Awakens means we’ve yet to see his true form. As to whether any of the trailers will give us our first glimpse of Snoke remains to be seen, but I’m very curious to see how it turns out.

Sources: Collider,

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