Is a Female Led ’21 Jump Street’ Spinoff a Good Direction for the Franchise?

Sony Pictures just keeps coming up with brilliant ideas for their current Jump Street franchise. First there was the Men in Black/Jump Street crossover that, so far as we know, is still being developed. Now the studio wants to introduce a female-centric Jump Street spinoff. That might seem like a fun idea, except we’re talking about the same studio that badly botched the female Ghostbusters reboot. But unlike that 21 Jump Streetfilm, I cannot support this one happening, because I feel like it’s cheap cash grab, and females in Hollywood deserve better.

Yes, the first two Jump Street movies were a success, but that was largely because of their writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The two of them are currently busy prepping to shoot the young Han Solo movie and don’t have time to even write a treatment. Taking their place are four different writers, who separately came in and were unsuccessful in creating something that gave Sony confidence. At the moment, a fifth writer is on board in Rodney Rothman (Grudge Match), and has reportedly turned in another draft. My guess is these studio executives want to replicate the style of self-aware comedy and direction that Miller and Lord brought to the franchise, which is pointless because that duo is one of a kind.

This franchise can only go so far doing what it’s already done, which means it doesn’t need a gender swap for the lead roles. If Lord and Miller were on board, then I’d trust the idea. However, they’re not, and the last thing females in Hollywood need are to lose more opportunities to lead films because of one bad or poorly executed idea. Until Sony Pictures can figure out what to do with the Jump Street franchise, let’s take another look at something more original.

Am I wrong? Or can a female led Jump Street spinoff offer something fresh and push the franchise forward? The spinoff currently has no set production or release date.

Sources: Deadline.

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