More Has Been Revealed About Josh Trank & His ‘Star Wars’ Departure

It’s not often that studio executives tell us the truth regarding fallouts between the filmmakers and themselves during the developmental stages of a film. On one hand, as the public, it’s none of our business on what happens behind closed doors. However, I feel like we’ve been burned so many times by films that Josh Trank on set 'The Fantastic Four'underwhelm, or never see the day of light, and end up pointing the finger at the wrong person. In the case of director Josh Trank’s (Chronicle) sudden spilt with Lucasfilm, it was all about a newly reborn studio under the Mouse House not wanting to associate themselves with Hollywood’s latest up & coming labeled “troublemaker.”

Last year, Lucasfilm shocked fans and announced that Trank will not be present during the Star Wars Celebration “future Star Wars movies” panel. There had been plenty of hype built up with the director taking on a Boba Fett spinoff, but his absence from the event signaled this project’s endangerment. During that time, Trank was getting plenty of controversy for his behaviors while on the set of Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four. In fact, reports claim that 20th Century Fox producer Simon Kinberg went to Disney and warned them of Trank’s inability to cooperate with the studio. Soon after Star Wars Celebration, the Boba Fett spinoff was cancelled, and Trank has disappeared up until a few weeks ago. I’ve wondered just how close Trank and Lucasfilm have come to making this project. Well, this week Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy gave us all an answer.

During her interview with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed that actual teaser footage had been prepped for Celebration and an official announcement of the film was scheduled to happen, with Trank confirmed boba-fettas the director. Of course, we now know that that never happened, but this at least confirms that a Boba Fett solo film was & is likely still in the studio’s plans.

Next year begins the filming of the Han Solo spinoff film, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Fans are desperately wanting to see Han and Boba cross paths again on the big screen, and in my opinion, after this revelation, it’s only a matter of time until that happens. As for Trank, I’m hoping he’s recollected himself and is ready for a comeback. The director has a project lined up with Tom Hardy titled Fozno, which sees Hardy as Al Capone 10 years after his release from prison. It currently has no release date.

Sources: Collider, Entertainment Weekly.

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