‘Moana’ Clips & Featurettes Build More Excitement for Disney’s New Adventure

Disney animation has become a big deal as of late. Frozen,Wreck-It Ralph, and this year’s Zootopia are among the best animated films to be released (both box-office and likability) in the last few years. So much so that the studio that owns Pixar almost made us forget about the legendary animation studio.

For the longest time, Disney has been talking about breaking the boundaries and venturing into unknown waters (see what I did there). Zootopia was just the beginning, as it showcased what the studio can do as far as developing a story, characters, and themes for both children and adults, touching multiple generations. But what comes next might be even better, if that’s believable. Moana is the first animated film to take center on the Hawaiin Islands and more specifically, the Pacific Islander culture.

A long and rich culture, it’s a film so far that has looked downright beautiful, one that is well deserving of its family holiday release date. With the film just a day away from hitting theaters and making a butt ton of money, your mind is pretty much made up on whether or not you’ll be checking it out over the break. The same goes for footage, everything needed to be released has been, with everything coming after just being the extra bits and pieces to keep the anticipation/excitement going. As for what follows, the clips are exactly that. Just a little bit more incentive to get your butt to the theater faster, and maybe even an extra time or two. But the featurettes, that’s where it’s interesting. Many don’t know what goes into making an animated film, and that’s where featurettes come into play for the general public, giving them a different, but much better perspective as to what goes into these beautiful films that take much longer than expected.

Take a look at both the clips and batch of featurettes below. Also, don’t forget to give us your thoughts in the comments. Are you interested and/or excited for Moana? What about it is so attractive? Who will you be seeing it with? Disney’s Moana sails into theaters November 23rd, 2016 and stars the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Auli’i Carvalho, and Alan Tudyk.

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