New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Trailer: Monsters Exist

After a weeks worth of teases, Warner Bros. has finally unveiled the new, monster sized trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Directed by Jordon Vogt-Roberts, the film re-imagines the story of King Kong in a story that takes place during the time of the Vietnam War that follows a group of explorers that venture deep into the uncharted Skull Island, only to come across its King.

Flat-out. This trailer is absolutely epic on an enormous amount of levels. Yes, without a doubt it has a TON going on, but it’s fantastic. Giving our first real look at the king of monsters, this new Skull Island trailer debuts something that is much more than just a King Kong remake. Just as thought, the film will feature other obstacles than the giant ape, as the so-called “skull-walkers” seem to be the main bad guys our human heroes, as well as Kong, will be up against.

The tone of the film is one of the interesting aspects going in. Although I haven’t seen it, I’ve read that Vogt-Roberts was able to craft a film in Kings of Summer where he blended a number of different genres into one, and that certainly on display in this new trailer. The first teaser was serious and dark, but this trailer showcases a very stylish blockbuster that includes elements of action, drama, and horror. So, yes, I’m intrigued and insanely pumped for this film.

Check out he epic new trailer below and don’t forget to give us your thoughts on it in the comments. How do you like the look of Kong? What about the trailer did you love? Does anything worry you or are you on my level of excitement? Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10th, 2017 and stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Toby Kebbel, John C. Reilly, Thomas Mann, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, and John Ortiz.

In the film, a diverse team of explorers is brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific – as beautiful as it is treacherous – unaware that they’re crossing into the domain of the mythic Kong.

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