Slow Down That Epic New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer with 65+ Trailer Images

Let’s face it, that new Wonder Woman trailer Warner Bros. dropped earlier today was pretty freaking badass. The ability it had to reveal so much new footage without really revealing too much is something that’s rarely seen these days, and something that’s never been said about trailer for DC movies. While I’m still questioning the move to reveal a second trailer with the film well over 7 months away, that can be a conversation for another.

Anyway. With the trailer being so damn good and the movie being so damn big, I thought it be a good idea to work my way through the trailer frame-by-frame to give every a chance to look at every shot at a different rate. The trailer is a thing of beauty at normal pace, but looking at it image by image gives a completely different perspective as far as visuals go. DC is well known for their visual style, and that is on display more than ever before in the latest trailer. Check out the new images below and let us know your thoughts on not just the images, but the actual trailer as well. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? How excited are you for Wonder Woman’s long overdue solo debut on the big screen? Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd, 2017.

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