James Wan Says ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Is His Inspiration for ‘Aquaman’

I’m so fascinated by the potential of what DC’s upcoming Aquaman could be. I mean a live-action film taking place in Atlantis, hidden deep in the darkest parts of our ocean. Assuming it comes out before James Cameron’s Avatar sequel, it has the potential to be a film unlike anything we’ve seen.

At the helm of this movie is James Wan (The ConjuringFurious 7), who brings a masterful skill in horror and a proven hand in the action genre. Right now, he’s deep in pre-production, doing research not just of the deep blue sea, but also what movies he could use as inspiration. What kind of movie will Aquaman be outside of its unique visuals? Wan is still figuring that out, but has also given some hints at where he might go:

“I kind of don’t want to give too much away but know this: The spirit that I’m going for is like a classic sort of swashbuckling action adventure, sort of high seas adventure story…It’s ultimately a quest story in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone.”

As far as using swashbuckling action adventure classics go, Raiders of the Lost Ark might be the greatest example to follow.  It sounds like Wan is going for a lighter, more fun action flick. And considering how serious Jason Momoa looked as Aquaman (at least while the cameras were rolling) in the footage for Justice League, it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll transition going into a lighter toned film. I’m still expecting Wan to give the Aquaman solo movie some horror elements, and that includes making the setting of the unknown deep sea a character of its own. Wan’s Aquaman is scheduled to hit theaters on July 27th, 2018 and also stars Amber Heard, Willem Defoe, and Michael K. Williams.

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