Daisy Ridley Reflects on Her ‘Star Wars’ Experience; Talks Jyn Erso & Meeting Felicity Jones

If you’re a female who’s not (yet) a fan of Star Wars, then you have to at least respect the hell out of what these movies are doing. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will mark the second film in a row to have a female in the lead role. That’s pretty rare in Hollywood, especially for a major franchise. We all know how awesome and loveable Daisy Ridley turned out to be, both in the film and in real life. Now it’ll be Felicity Jones’ turn in Rogue One as she plays a character named Jyn Erso who helps lead a group of rebels towards stealing plans to the Death Star from the evil Empire.

It’ll be a busy end of the year for Jones, who will begin a lengthy press tour for Rogue One near the end of November. As we’ve learned through Ridley’s interviews, the experience doing interviews and red carpet appearances for a Star Wars movie is tiresome. However, it’s an experience unlike anything in Hollywood, especially for a first timer. A big reason for that is the fans, which as you and I both know, are very loyal and very passionate about this property. Ridley recently reflected on this experience and revealed what she recently told Jones during their first time meeting, who’s currently living the Star Wars hype:

It was weird, I’ve talked so much retrospectively about what was going on [in the lead-up to Force Awakens]. It was so odd to be reliving it. And she gets to go talk about this film that she’s part of in all these amazing places. I feel like ‘jealous’ is the wrong word, but I had such a good time in the run-up to the film, and it was all so exciting. Knowing that she’s experiencing that is so great. Plus the film’s meant to be amazing, so it’s a fantastic continuation of the Star Wars world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Star Wars interview without addressing some kind of theory or rumor regarding the character of Rey. This particular rumor involves Jyn Erso, who may or may not be the mother of Ridley’s mysterious character. Here’s what little she had to say on that theory.

I don’t know. That’ll be interesting when I see [Rogue One]. But I don’t watch things and think in that way. So I think I’m just gonna watch it and be blown away.

With Star Wars: Episode VIII over a year away from its release, what choice do we have but to follow suit with Ridley. Let our first experience watching Rogue One not be filled with constant questions to ourselves about this and that. Instead, let’s just watch it and be blown away. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was directed by Gareth Edwards and opens on December 16th.

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