First ‘Logan’ Trailer: Hugh Jackman Puts on the Claws One More Time

FINALLY. 20th Century Fox has released the first official trailer for Logan, the James Mangold directed film that stars Hugh Jackman as the popular and powerful X-Men Wolverine. Although not directly adapted, the film takes heavy inspiration from Mark Millar’s historic “Old Man Logan” storyline, which sees an older Wolverine go on a man hunt in a post-apocalyptic world following the death of his family. Like I said, it’s not a direct adaptation, meaning that won’t happen. But to this point, the plot points have been very scarce, but luckily recent images and this first trailer shine some light on that.

The film also brings back Patrick Stewart as a very aged Professor X, Boyd Holbrook as the villain and leader of The Reavers, with it taking place in a very desolate (maybe Texas), western setting that is asking a very important question, where are all the mutants? As for the trailer, it’s a thing of absolute beauty. While I enjoy the living hell out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other comic book movies, this is the kind of film I always wanted to see adapted to the big screen. While it does have boundaries, it crosses the line that many superhero movies today keep away from, mainly the R-rating, which is heavily reflected in this trailer. I could literally talk about the trailer all day long, but I want to get back to watching it already! Make sure to check out our Movie News Podcast this weekend as this trailer will be headlining our show. Jacob, Gio, and I will be geeking out and breaking down the trailer as best we can. Until then, check it out below…

Now that you know my thoughts, I want to know yours. Are you happy with the way it looks? What are you most looking forward to? James Mangold’s Logan slices its way into theaters on March 3rd, 2017 and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez.

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