Here’s What Quentin Tarantino Is Researching for His Next Project

Quentin Tarantino is a masterful filmmaker whose days in Hollywood are numbered. No, the Django Unchained director isn’t in any sort of trouble, but instead has often mentioned his plans on retiring after his tenth feature film. Right now, Tarantino has two films left on his plate before calling it quits. Therefore, Cast & Crew of The Hateful Eightanything he does next should be met with some level of excitement, even if it’s not Kill Bill Vol. 3 or a follow up to Inglorious Basterds.

Tarantino is not currently set on what his next project will be, but speaking at a recent film festival, he gave an update on his four year-long research into 1970’s cinema. The director’s fascination lies specifically on the time in 1967 when new Hollywood began taking over the old, and no one knew it was happening. Not much more detail was given, but it’s clear that Tarantino is looking to deliver something unlike anything he’s done before.

As a champion of old fashion film making over digital, it’s not surprising to see Tarantino focused on such a pivotal time in Hollywood. To give you a very brief summary on what happened during that time, I’m sharing a portion of an article titled “A History of American New Wave Cinema” (Part Three: New Hollywood) below, and you can find the full in-depth article here.

In the late 1960s and early 70s a new generation of young filmmakers came to prominence in American cinema. Their work was thematically complex, formally innovative, morally ambiguous, anti-establishment, and rich in mythic resonance. They spoke for a generation disillusioned by the Vietnam War, disenchanted by the ruling elite, and less willing to conform than their parents.

Dubbed the “New Hollywood” by the press, their films were mostly financed by the major studios, but they introduced subject matter and styles that set them apart from studio tradition. They re-worked and re-imagined some of Hollywood’s classic genres – such as the crime film, the war film and the western – and by so doing, presented a more critical view of America past and present. 

Together with the directors came a brilliant generation of actors and actresses, often trained in New York, who brought to the screen a new level of gritty intensity and contemporary relevance. While the new generation’s ambition to overturn the system and create something better in its place ultimately failed, they did succeed in producing a body of work now considered a Golden Age in American cinema.

As huge fans of Tarantino, we’ll be on the lookout for more updates on his next film when they arrive. For now, leave us your thoughts in the comments on what could possibly be his next film. Are you a Tarantino fan? What do you want to see him do next?

Sources: Screen Rant.

Quentin Tarantino on set The Hateful Eight

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