‘Justice League’ Featurette Gives a Great Behind the Scenes Look

Here’s your monthly reminder of how much FUN the upcoming Justice League movie will be. Director Zack Snyder tweeted out a short video to honor the film’s production wrap in the UK. As far as the footage is concerned, there isn’t much that’s revealed, other than the blink and you’ll miss the Superman sighting, but honestly we all knew he’d return in grand fashion.

If there’s one thing I take away from this video, it’s the amount of action we can expect in Justice League. Let me ask you a question. Besides a more cohesive story, what was the one thing Batman v Superman was missing? For me it’s the quantity of action. Quality wise, nobody will deny that Snyder can deliver incredible action sequences. There just wasn’t enough in the film. So considering the amount of stunt work featured in the video, it’s safe to assume we’re going to see much more action. Lastly, how awesome is it to see Jason Momoa (Aquaman) having so much fun on set? It looks like all the new additions, including Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher, are having a blast, which will make a difference in their performances.

So while this video may not win over Justice League’s critics, it’s another reminder that they’re taking a lighter and more fun approach to what will be a pivotal film for the DCEU. Zack Snyder’s Justice League will hit theaters in November 2017.

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