A ‘Gears of War’ Movie Is Finally Happening!

I hope video game fans are excited as I am, because a Gears of War movie is finally moving forward. It’s been years ever since the project was first announced, but several delays in pre-production have kept it from moving forward. However, Microsoft made the announcement of a feature film adaptation coming Gears of Warsoon during their live stream in honor of the upcoming release for Gears of War 4.

What I found so interesting is how much Rod Fergusson, studio head of game developer The Coalition, understood regarding the importance of adapting video games into film. Like comic books, not everything (from story elements, costumes, etc.) translates from one medium to another. Although fans will have their say regarding what they see fit for a Gears of War movie, Fergusson remains committed to properly adapting the game.

“I think you have to let the movies be the movies,” Fergusson said. “They’re two different mediums, and two different audiences in some cases, and I think some video game movies in the past have failed because they tried to make a movie for gamers. If you have this great IP with a deep backstory and lots of lore that you can make interesting stories out of, it’s great, but if you just go after the gaming audience then it isn’t going to be a successful movie.”

It sounds like Fergusson and his team have a great understanding on how to properly adapt this game. My only request is for the film makers to push for an R rating in order to truly grasp what made Gears of War so awesome and fun to play. Chainsaw rifles, headshots, head stomping, all make for straight up gritty, post-apocalyptic warfare.

The film is early in development, so expect some more announcements regarding director and cast within the coming months.

Gears of War

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