‘Wolverine 3’ Has a Title; See the First Poster!

Logan Teaser PosterYesterday, Hugh Jackman teased a big Wolverine 3 reveal was coming in the coming weeks, leading many of us to believe that we could be seeing a first trailer for Jackman’s final time with the claws very soon. While that’s the case, what has been revealed could very well be leading straight into a trailer here very soon.

Both director James Mangold and Jackman himself took to Twitter to not only announce the official title for Wolverine 3, but reveal the first look poster as well! The film will be simply title, Logan. Mangold posted a page of the script with the title watermarked over the front, while Jackman posted a number of images that included the new poster. As for the title, it’s very fitting considering that this movie was always going to focus on the man outside of the claws, rather than with them. With or without his powers, Logan is one of the most integral parts of the X-Men universe. With this title, it means this movie will be much more of a character study than what we’ve been lead on to, with Jackman himself even teasing a different tone for this movie compared to anything he’s done with the character thus far.

The biggest question regarding the poster is the little hand Jackman’s Wolverine is clutching. The movie has been rumored to be loosely based on the epic “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics, could this be Logan’s daughter in the distant future? Maybe even X-23, the clone of Wolverine, who has been rumored to show up in the movie. Also, one of Wolverine’s biggest traits is his healing factor. Looking at the poster, his hand is beat up quite a bit with some decent size gashes. Could the adamantium-clawed hero be slowing down in age and healing? We’ll definitely know a lot more once we see a first trailer.

Take a look at Mangold’s tweet below, and let us know what you think of the title and poster in the comments. Is the title too simple or just right for Jackman’s final appearance? How about the teaser poster? Who do you think that hand belongs to? James Mangold’s Logan hits theaters on March 3rd, 2017 and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Richard E. Grant, and Stephen Merchant.

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