‘Captain America: Civil War’ Deleted Scenes & Special Features: Even More Reasons to Love This Movie

No matter how disappointing 2016s simmer was, I think Captain America: Civil War was destined to be the biggest movie of the year to this point. Only time will tell whether or not it stays there, and it has some solid competition, but it became the biggest movie of the year in May and hasn’t looked back.

As far as blockbusters go, it has everything you want: action, big scale, lots of characters, and straight nergasm moments all around. As far as a film goes, it also has everything you want: interesting story, compelling characters, and a fluid non-stop tone and pace that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen. Doesn’t that sound like a film you want to watch over and over again? Well, soon enough you’ll be able to. In just a matter of days, the Marvel epic will be released on home video, allowing fans to not just watch the film as many times as they want, but delve deep into many behind-the-scenes special features.

Now because it has been a great number of weeks since we’ve really sat down and talked Civil War, Disney and Marvel have pulled a fantastic move and just slightly teased all the great goodies we’ll be able to see on the Blu-ray and DVD come next week. Deleted scenes, bonus clips, character featurettes, story featurettes, and much more! I’ll be honest, all that was released was a bit overwhelming. I have yet to watch all of the following videos. Partly because of how many were released, but mainly because I want to save some for the actual special features on the Blu-ray. Being my favorite movie of the year so far, I plan on sitting down and spending a few hours with Joe Russo, Anthon Russo, and everyone involved in Captain America: Civil War.

Check out all the new footage below, and let us know what you think of it all in the comments. What did you think of Civil War? Did it live up to your expectations? Better or worse? Sound off! Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War is released on home video September 13th, 2016.

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