Ryan Reynolds Paid For ‘Deadpool’ Writers, Since 20th Century Fox Refused

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As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Ryan Reynolds for all his commitment towards helping make Deadpool happen, we’re now given some behind-the-scenes facts regarding the actor’s unselfish deed.

By now you’re hopefully aware of how unintelligent 20th Century Fox can be with investing into their Marvel properties. Whether its them nearly destroying their X-Men universe, before Bryan Singer (and Mathew Vaughn) came back to fix things in Days of Future Past, or taking away a significant percentage of the production budget on last year’s Fantastic Four, a film that mean to connect both universes. Well now there’s word that the studio went extra cheap on the production for Deadpool.

First, lets give credit where credit is due. Fox wisely listened to the fans and green lit an R-rated Deadpool. Reynolds, along with director Tim Miller, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wasted no time on seizing the opportunity, and the rest is history. Given their $58 million production budget for a comic book movie, its really impressive what they did with so little (compared to X-Men’s budget). But as it turns out, the studio didn’t even give them enough money to have writers on set. As Deadpool writing duo, Reese and Wernick explain below.

“We were on set every day. Interestingly, Ryan wanted us there, we were on the project for six years. It was really a core creative team of us, Ryan, and the director Tim Miller. Fox, interestingly, wouldn’t pay for us to be on set. Ryan Reynolds paid out of his own money, out of his own pocket.”

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Over the years, I’ve learned more about films than I ever thought I would (and still have a ways to go). One of those things is the importance of having your writers on set. Although its not always necessary, there will be times when things on paper don’t translate through the camera. This leads to re-writes, which according to those in the business, happen more often then not. Yet, Fox doesn’t see it that way.

Instead, they’re going to allow one of the more popular X-Men characters to have their solo-film to exist in the same universe as X-Men: Apocalypse, without giving the filmmakers the opportunity to perfect their product. This potentially leads to a bad film, which would ruin the momentum of their X-Men universe created with First Class and DOFP, while also giving up the opportunity to further right their wrongs with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and potentially have a new franchise star going forward in Reynolds. That’s a lot of stakes, I know. Luckily, Reynolds and company knew that. Hey Fox, ever hear of the saying “to make money, you gotta spend money”?

Bravo, to Ryan Reynolds for putting up the money himself. Hopefully, he didn’t sign a multi-picture deal to play Deadpool, so that way he can demand even more money. As for Fox, well I bet they have no problem increasing the budget for Deadpool 2. However, lets hope the producers opt to maintain a modest budget for the sequel.

sources: Collider, AMC’s Geeking Out

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