Jamie Foxx Talks Mike Tyson Biopic; Describes Opening Scene

Like many of you, I’m excited to see Martin Scorsese reuniting with Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and, for the first time ever, working with Al Pacino in The Irishman. However, in the back of my mind there’s one project with Scorsese’s name attached that I’m eager to see. Back in 2014, Jamie Foxx announced that he’ll play Mike Tyson in the legendary boxer’s biopic, with Scorsese on board to direct.

There’s no date on when this biopic might begin filming, but with Scorsese beginning production on The Irishman next year, it seems the director will be busy up until the beginning of 2018.

I recently did some research for any updates on the biopic, and came across a few interview where Foxx expressed his excitement for the project. In an interview during The Ellen Show, the actor re-confirmed his involvement in the project with Scorsese. He then goes to describe his first encounter with Tyson, and some of the things he witnessed that unknowingly prepared him for the role, nearly 20 years later.

In the following interview, Foxx gives details on the opening scene of the movie. Terrance Winter is writing the screenplay for Scorsese to direct. Winter previously collaborated with the director on The Wolf of Wall Street and the pilot episode for Boardwalk Empire. His involvement in the biopic is great news, considering how strong the script for The Wolf of Wall Street (based on true events) turned out.

As for the opening scene, the way Foxx describes it makes it all the more fascinating to see on the big screen. Anytime the actor talks about this project, he does so with so much passion and understanding of Tyson, not just as a fighter but as a human being. This biopic will be worth the wait…

sources: Hot 97 (Youtube), The Ellen Show (Youtube)

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