Read the ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie That 20th Century Fox Turned Down

Fans would love nothing more than to forget about last year’s Fantastic Four. Unfortunately for them, the stories behind the film’s development leaves more answers to be desired. By now, most of us have heard those stories, including director Josh Trank‘s inappropriate behavior, and how the studio locked him out of the editing process during post-production. The more I learn about this behind-the-scenes fiasco, the more I’m convinced it would make an interesting documentary that Jon Schnepp (Death of Superman Lives: What Happened) should one day direct.

Today, I came across another interesting piece of information under the topic of “what could’ve been”. One of the film’s writers, Jeremy Slater came out and detailed his original script that was ultimately turned down. As you’ll read below, his idea for the film involved many characters from the Fantastic Four lore, including multiple villains like the Mole Man. The script also features a heavy dosage of action sequences and fun, which was something the final film heavily lacked.

Jeremy Slater’s original pitch for Fantastic Four:

“In addition to Annihilus and the Negative Zone, we had Doctor Doom declaring war against the civilized world, the Mole Man unleashing a 60 foot genetically-engineered monster in downtown Manhattan, a commando raid on the Baxter Foundation, a Saving Private Ryan-style finale pitting our heroes against an army of Doombots in war-torn Latveria, and a post-credit teaser featuring Galactus and the Silver Surfer destroying an entire planet.

We had monsters and aliens and Fantasticars and a cute spherical H.E.R.B.I.E. robot that was basically BB-8 two years before BB-8 ever existed. And if you think all of that sounds great…well, yeah, we did, too. The problem was, it would have also been massively, MASSIVELY expensive.”

After reading the details of Slater’s script, its not difficult to recognize the reasons behind Fox turning it down. The production budget alone would’ve been hefty, especially for a franchise that has yet to find success. Its becoming more and more evident that Fox had little to no confidence in giving this property another try, with the priority clearly focused on making a profit, rather than a good film.

There’s no telling where the Fantastic Four property will go from here. Simon Kinberg suggests the studio would like to give Fantastic Four another shot (w/ the same cast), in order to one day combine that universe with the X-Men. I’ve also read rumors regarding a potential Fox/Marvel deal, similar to the one Marvel did with Sony last year for Spider-Man. I think that would likely happen more, plus it beautifully sets up The Return of Fantastic Four in Phase Four.

Where would you like to see the Fantastic Four go next? M.C.U? Netflix?

sources: ScreenRant, ScreenCrush

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