‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Responds to an Open Letter Claiming “It’s Another Mess”

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A couple months ago, a certain individual tweeted out that Suicide Squad was a mess. At the time, the marketing for that film was at its highest, with no indication of any kind of trouble. Therefore, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I wouldn’t believe it. There’s was just no way this film wasn’t going to be great. Then Suicide Squad released, and although I liked it more than most people, its flaws took me back to that single absurd tweet. It was all I could think about.

Fast forward to today, one week after Suicide Squad‘s release, where I recently came across an open letter online regarding the film. The letter comes from an apparent ex-Warner Bros employee who expressed her disappointment in the film, but the letter doesn’t end there. This employee goes on to call out Warner Bros. chairman Kevin Tsujihara, who previously laid off employees, and has somehow allowed this DC universe to remain mediocre after three major films. The most interesting tidbit from the letter mentions the upcoming Wonder Woman, which is currently in post-production. Many fans remained optimistic for this film after a well received first trailer, but not this ex-employee. Below is a small part from her letter, claiming that Wonder Woman is in trouble.

“Maybe Wonder Woman wouldn’t be such a mess. Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.”

These words found their way to a certain director.

“Oh no you didn’t!”, says the actions of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. After coming across this letter, the director had some things to say (via. Twitter) regarding this person’s choice of words.

Patty Jenkins:

“Woah, just saw this press about WW having problems. Are they serious? This is some made up bs right here. Made up! Produce a source, anyone. You can’t because it’s entirely false. Don’t believe the hype people. Someone’s trying to spread some serious misinfo. Isn’t until you are intimately involved in these things that you realize how totally false these rumors can. Let me reassure you… Zero about the movie we are making has been called a mess by anyone in the know. Fact. Real lasso of truth, time, will reveal that letter to be false soon enough. But lame something so transparent in its agenda gets traction.”

The reason I bring this whole thing up, is because of what happened a few months ago regarding that one tweet for Suicide Squad. Warner Bros track record for producing the most clear, cohesive stories isn’t the best. If only Suicide Squad told a more clear, developed story, then I would dismiss this open letter. In fact, it wouldn’t even exist! However, there’s something to be said about how Jenkins is addressing this conjecture. While David Ayer remained quiet, and completely supportive about reshoots and troubling production rumors, Jenkins wastes no time in coming out and defending her film. She understands this is a very important film not just for female comic book characters, but for the DC extended universe going forward.

I’m not going to completely dust off what this open letter claims, but I’m also giving Jenkins the benefit of the doubt. This is a woman who turned down the offer from Marvel to direct Thor: The Dark World, due to creative differences. She would not have signed on for Wonder Woman, if she wasn’t able to make it her own film. Warner Bros continues to claim its DC adaptations are filmmaker driven. They were obviously lying then about that, due to what we know regarding Zack Snyder and David Ayer compromising their unique visions over financial concerns and studio interference. However, with Wonder Woman this is an opportunity to stand by their word, and maybe… just maybe they’ve learned their lesson.

Come on Jenkins and Wonder Woman, I’m rooting for you both!

What’s your take on all of this? Does Patty Jenkins deserve your confidence in this film? Is Warner Bros track record enough to warrant this ex-employee’s claim, even without viable sources? Check out the full open letter in the link below.

sources: ScreenRant, Variety

Ex-Warner Bros. Employee’s Open Letter

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