Showdown Sunday #44: Selene vs. Alice

Welcome Back to Showdown Sunday #44


In honor of the bad ass female characters featured in Suicide Squad, I wanted to take this Showdown Sunday back to a time BEFORE the golden age of comic book movies. In the 2000’s, actresses Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) and Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) were a couple of guns blazing, ass kicking, leading ladies of their own franchises.

  • Beckinsale starred in the Underworld franchise as Selene, a Death Dealer, sworn to kill every Lycan creature to both serve the Vampire Covenant and avenge a family tragedy. Selene is one of the Covenant’s most lethal killers , and is highly valued by the vampire elders.
  • Jovovich starred in the Resident Evil franchise as Alice, a former high ranking security operative for the Umbrella Corporation. After surviving a global virus pandemic, she vows to use her enhanced abilities to take down the Umbrella Corporation after learning of their illegal dealings.

Beckinsale and Jovovich are set to reprise their roles at least one more time in the future. For this Showdown Sunday, who wins in a fight (no guns)? Place your vote below, and as always if you liked this week’s Showdown, then please share with your followers and get their opinions.

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