Latest ‘Rogue One’ Update Confirms Two Actors Not Making an Appearance

I’m a little irritated with Lucasfilm at the moment. Yes, they never confirmed an official trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was coming. However, they never shot down the rumors or speculation that a trailer would be included in that Force Awakens hour long feature that played on ABC last week. Not even a simple tweet. I suppose all will be well once that awesome trailer from celebration arrives, but for now all we can do is wait.

Rogue One remains a highly anticipated film for me. Its less of a Star Wars episodic film that we’re use to seeing, and one that’s more character focused with a war-like tone. The one question on everyone’s mind is “when will we see Darth Vader?”. Its already been confirmed that he will appear in the film (via. Entertainment Weekly cover). One of the popular rumors regarding Vader involves Hayden Christensen potentially reprising his role from the prequel films. Its well known by Star Wars fans just how poor of a performance Christensen gave in both Attack of the Clones and to a lesser degree Revenge of the Sith. Yet, some fans (including myself) seem to believe that under a different director, he could thrive and prove something. More recently, fans have speculated on whether or not a cameo from Han Solo could happen, with the announcement of Alden Ehrenreich taking over the iconic role.

I hate to break the bad news if you haven’t heard, but neither actor will be making an appearance in Rogue One. Director Gareth Edwards and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirmed the news, which you can see in the videos below.

I was kind of hoping to see both actors at least cameo. Christensen may be worst thing to happen to the character of Darth Vader (besides the “Noooo!”), but his dedication to the role help made Revenge of the Sith my favorite Star Wars film, at the moment. As for Ehrenreich, I believe this is a missed opportunity at introducing audiences to a new Han Solo. I’m not saying he needed to interact with the Rogue One squad, but maybe a quick cut to him and Chewie at a local bar would’ve been cool.

Who knows though? Between now and December some of the Rogue One reshoots can include a quick post-credits teaser being filmed for the next Anthology film that will focus on Han Solo. Never say never.

image via. Star Wars Underworld

sources: Collider, ExtraTV

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