Showdown Sunday #42: Zac Efron vs. Channing Tatum

Welcome Back to Showdown Sunday #42

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Zac Efron and Channing Tatum have much similar career paths than one might think. Both found early success in musical and/or dance films (High School Musical, Step Up). Both were for the longest time also known for their pretty faces rather than acting chops. These guys suffered through years of mediocrity with peeks of success, before finally finding their footing in Hollywood.

Breakthrough in Comedy

Both Efron and Tatum showed signs of potential in dramatic roles, but it wasn’t until they tried their hand in comedy where they struck gold. Neighbors and 21 Jump Street are some of the best comedies in recent years, and both actors showed excellent comedic chops as leads in their films. What’s even more incredible is that both returned in the sequels to those films, and both were critical successes.

To this day, both actors have their fair share of box office flops (We Are Your Friends, Jupiter Ascending), but considering how far they’ve come is worth talking about. Who in your opinion has improved their acting most?

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