‘Suicide Squad’ Character Trailer: Do Not Threaten Deadshot

This performance from Will Smith could be unlike anything we’ve seen before. The latest Suicide Squad character trailer focuses on Deadshot (a.k.a. Floyd Lawton). Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot so far looks spot on, both in costume and behind bars. He has a tongue that’s as quick as his trigger finger. Seeing him take orders from Rick Flagg (played by Joel Kinnaman) should be fun, because as we can tell in the first ten seconds of the trailer, he has a real problem with authority.

We can expect part of the story to focus on him, including what landed him in Belle Reve Penitentiary. The words “kill the Bat” are reportedly somewhere on the wall of his cell, which leads me to believe he has some bad history with the Batman. Maybe Suicide Squad will dedicate some time to that flashback.

Check out the character trailer for Deadshot, and let us know what you thought.

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