Pokémon Live-Action Movie Concept Will Likely Disappoint You

There’s been an awakening, have you felt it? Millions of adults (including myself) have suddenly become kids again, excited about Pokemon all thanks to the popular mobile game Go. Major studios in Hollywood have taken notice, and competed in a fierce bidding war for the live-action movie rights, with Legendary Pictures recently winning the bid. Now we officially have an update on what direction the movie will go, and it will likely disappoint you.

Both Legendary and The Pokémon Company have announced the live-action movie will be based on Detective Pikachu. The character is apparently popular in Japan, making its introduction earlier this year in the game The Great Detective Pikachu. The concept of the game is that players would interact with a Sherlock Holmes-type Pikachu that speaks to you, and helps you solve mysteries. No further details have been revealed, although internet chat boards everywhere are lobbying for Danny Devito to voice the character, as you’ll learn why in the video below.

I must admit that I’m quite disappointed in this direction. Like Mickey Mouse to Disney, Pikachu is the face of Pokémon, yes. However, I was personally hoping to see the traditional young trainer begin his journey to catch ’em all. There’s potential in having multiple human characters train Pokémon, and battle in these huge stadiums (similar to what I saw in the Pokemon 20th Anniversary commercial). That being said, we’ve seen how studios handle adapting these popular properties. I’m thinking back to films like The Last Airbender and Dragonball Evolution, where whitewash casting was the one of the many problems. I’d like to think these studios have learned their lesson, and respect the fan base by making quality films rather than cash grabs, but I’ve yet to see proof of that.

So maybe a Detective Pikachu movie isn’t the one we asked for. Could it potentially be worse? History tells us, yes! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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