Rumor Central: ‘The Batman’ Takes Place Inside Arkham Asylum

The last update we got on the Batman solo movie was from Ben Affleck on the set of Justice League. Affleck told reporters the script for his solo-film is good, but he’s personally setting the bar high, before he even thinks about directing it. The Oscar winning writer is busy perfecting the script, alongside DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. The only concrete piece of information regarding that script is it being an original story that will also borrow from several different Batman comic story lines.

Rumors for The Batman (unofficial title) claim that most of his rogue’s gallery would be featured in the movie. News like that brings more worrisome than excitement, only because we’ve seen what happens when a comic book movie tries to fit multiple villains. You get movies like Batman & Robin and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, this latest rumor not only directly relates to the previous one, it also makes plenty of sense.

RUMOR HAS IT that Batman will be locked up in Arkham Asylum for an unspecified amount of time. There are no details as to “how” or “why” he’s in there, and that may be what Affleck and Johns are still figuring out. Now some of you might be thinking about the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. The sources from this rumor believe this film will not be a direct adaptation of that game.

This is a very interesting rumor, and one that presents a fresh, never before seen situation for the Batman character in a live-action film. Right away, my mind goes to a film like Dredd, where the main character is locked inside a building filled with criminals, and fights shoots his way out. There will likely be no shooting from Batman, but I could see him giving his rogue gallery a brutal whooping. Remember, in the Ultimate Edition of BvS, he tells Lex Luthor that he still has some friends in Arkham, after informing him that’s where he’ll be transferred. Also, because its Affleck writing the script you can bet the story will be more than just action, and will likely involve some kind of psychological thriller behind the circumstances of his imprisonment.

How does Batman being locked up in Arkham Asylum, and fighting past his rogue’s galley sound to you? Which villains would you like to see in the film?

sources: Batman on Film, ScreenRant

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