‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Honest Trailer: But at Least ‘Suicide ‘Squad’ Looks Pretty Cool Though, Right?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only 2016s most anticipated movie, but most talked about, discussed, debated, and argued. Some loved it, some liked it, and some disliked it very much. It’s the big-screen superhero battle we’ve been waiting decades for and however you may feel about it, it’s the movie we got.

Now just a few weeks ago Zack Snyder’s “Ultimate Edition” was released on blu-ray, which features 30 extra minutes of footage and an R-rating. Basically, it’s Snyder’s director’s cut, the movie he signed on to make that the studio wouldn’t release theatrical. But now that there are two versions of the movie, fans everywhere are able to form their own opinion about not just the version that was released in theaters worldwide, but the Ultimate Edition that was just released on blu-ray. And that fan list includes none other than Screen Junkies and their honest trailer. We’ve heard the critics and fans, but now it’s time for the honest truth. And you can’t get that anywhere but SJ and honest trailers.

Watch Screen Junkies’ latest honest trailer below, as they tackle Snyder’s massive superhero epic (misfire? That’s still being debated) in a whopping 7:30+ minutes and in the best way possible. Also don’t forget to check out the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, which is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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