Final ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Won’t Spoil Things, Instead Meet the Infamous Amanda Waller

Unless more information gets unveiled at this weekend’s Comic Con International, it looks like the marketing Suicide Squad will pull off something a lot of blockbusters (including Batman v Superman) have trouble doing. I’ve been crossing my fingers and hoping that if another trailer for this film releases, that it doesn’t spoil anything. Great news, we’re in the clear, and you can proceed to enjoy this awesome final trailer.

So the final trailer has arrived, and where the previous trailers focused on the squad, this one puts the focus on the one who’s pulling the strings. Featured heavily in the trailer is government agent Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis), as she confronts her best soldier Rick Flagg (played by Joel Kinnaman) to lead a group of bad guys towards a dangerous assignment. I still don’t have any clue what exactly these villains are fighting, and that’s a testament to the brilliant marketing. I’ve also loved the casting of Davis ever since she was first announced to play the role. I must say, Davis looks like she’ll be one cold hearted b*tch as Amanda Waller.

This trailer also makes me interested in the relationship between Rick Flagg and Deadshot (played by Will Smith). Flagg may be the one calling the shots, but out in the field its Deadshot who might be his most reliable soldier. I wouldn’t mind seeing the two butt heads, as their situation is sure to worsen.

Check out the one minute trailer below.

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