Max Landis to Write the Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Movie?


A couple months ago, it was being reported that a bidding war took place between several major studios for the live-action film rights of Pokemon. It looks like Legendary Pictures came out as the victor, as sites are reporting the studio is talking with Nintendo on the direction of the film. A firm deal has yet to take place, but with the sudden success of the mobile game Pokemon Go its clear there’s lots of potential for a movie to be made.

Its also being reported that Chronicle writer Max Landis is being eyed to write the live-action Pokemon movie. Landis just recently sold his action/fantasy script Bright (starring Will Smith) to Netflix for a record breaking $3 million. He’s also known for writing last year’s American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein, along with a draft of next year’s Power Rangers movie.

Fans of Pokemon are no doubt excited they’re finally getting a movie. The property has been around for 20 years, and has managed to stay relevant and attract fans of a newer generation. I previously argued that film technology is continuing to evolve, along with VFX, so a Pokemon movie can be made, however it remains to be seen exactly which direction the studio will take the movie.

The name Max Landis will immediately make many people nervous, because in their mind a writer deserves full credit for a movie’s success and failure. I believe Landis has a very creative and unique vision for both intellectual properties and original ideas. Its the reason he’s been so successful in pitching movie ideas to different studios. Whether or not the stories he writes can be accurately translated onscreen is a different story.

The main story to take away here is that a Pokemon movie is very much coming. Its so early in development right now, there’s no way to tell whether this could be a success or failure. However, there’s no denying the potential that exists thanks to this new resurgence of Pokemon in today’s geek culture.

sources: Deadline, ScreenRant

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