Showdown Sunday #41: Martin Riggs vs. John McClane

Welcome Back to Showdown Sunday #41

Riggs McClane

So let’s say you’re a rookie detective, and its your first on the job. Your captain immediately wants you out in the field, getting some hands on experience and learning the streets. He doesn’t want you alone though, so he assigns you a veteran partner. Someone to watch your back, and teach you everything you need to know about your city and how to handle its criminals. Fortunately for you, these two legendary detectives are looking for a protégé:

Detective Martin Riggs:

Former U.S. Army Special Forces, served in Vietnam, few years under the narcotics division before transferring to homicide. He will get on your nerves, has past demons that still haunt him today, but nevertheless is very skilled in armed combat and hand-to-hand techniques, earning his nickname “Lethal Weapon”.

Detective John McClane:

Long time detective, who some describe as being a “foul-mouthed, wisecracking, no-nonsense New York cop with an itchy trigger finger … and a never-say-die maverick spirit.” He’s constantly finding himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, but somehow manages to come out on top. No matter what the situation is, McClane always (with sometimes a little bit of luck) finds a way.

Who do you choose to be your new partner, to have your back, and show you the ropes?

Place your vote below, and as always if you enjoyed this week’s Showdown, then share this with your followers and get their opinion.

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