‘Jaws’ Honest Trailer: Seriously, What’s with This Movie & Legs?

In honor of a pretty good, shark based summer movie in The Shallows being released last weekend, Screen Junkies has taken not just the greatest shark movie of all-time, but one of the great movies period of all-time in Jaws and given it their honest trailer treatment.

Each week Screen Junkies takes a fan requested movie, dissects it, and gives us the real, honest version of the movie. Most of the time, it’s a chance to have some total fun, even make fun of certain elements of the movie. But sometimes, SJ just can’t help tipping their cap and admitting that the movie is pure genius. As for the Steve Spielberg directed thriller, it definitely lies in the latter, rather than the former.

Released in theaters way back in 1975, Jaws is still scaring movie-goers today. It took an idea and amplified it, one that will stand the test of time. Sure, you can tell it’s a fake shark, but it still scares the s**t out of you. And just like the trailer says, it does so without showing much of the actual shark, rather using an all-time great score and surrounding pieces to build the tension. Not only does this honest trailer fit with The Shallows hitting last weekend, but also because it’s Shark Week! Basically, get your butt on the couch and watch the pure greatness that is Jaws. As well as its honest trailer below.

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