Showdown Sunday #39: Greatest Movie President (That Ever Kicked Ass)

Welcome Back to Showdown Sunday #39

Ford v Pullman

Putting together a list to determine the greatest fictional “Movie President” was pretty difficult. First off, I had to disqualify Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, because that’s a no contest, and plus he’s technically not fictional. Then I had to break down what exactly makes these Presidents great, and my list got a little longer than I wanted it to be. So instead, I’m focusing on the ones who literally kicked some ass.

Taking that criteria into consideration, it really came down to a pair of 90’s Movie Presidents. President James Marshall (played by Harrison Ford) in Air Force One, and President Thomas Whitmore (played by Bill Pullman) in Independence Day. Anyone who’s a fan of movies is familiar with both these Presidents.

  • Harrison Ford made James Marshall the unlikely hero against a group of terrorists. Sure, he had home field advantage on his own plane, but Gary Oldman and company foolishly underestimated the courage of our Commander in Chief. Plus the line “get off my plane” will always be a classic.
  • Bill Pullman on the other hand found his back towards the wall, as the aliens in Independence Day were one more attack away from wiping out mankind. He rallies the last of Earth’s fighter pilots with the most inspirational speech ever given by a ‘Movie President’, and even leads them into the aerial dogfight.

Both scenarios are highly unlikely for each President, but we love it anyway. So who takes your vote as the Greatest Movie President that ever kicked ass? Place your vote below, and as always if you enjoyed this week’s SHOWDOWN, then please share with your followers and get their opinion.

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