‘Justice League’: Two Superheroes Meet for the First Time (Scene Description)

If you were disappointed by Batman v Superman because of its overly dark tone and how much “fun” it lacked, then you’re in luck with Justice League.

Multiple set reports are raving about just how much different the film both feels and looks. We got a sense at  what kind of DC superhero films Zack Snyder wants to make through Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but with Justice League the director is going for a much different tone. Here’s an example from a scene description below.

Those lucky enough to be invited to the set of Justice League not only conducted interviews with the cast and crew, but also saw some unfinished footage. Here’s a description of what Collider’s Steve Frosty Weintraub witnessed.


Towards the end of the day Snyder showed us an edited scene from Justice League without finished effects.

The scene showed Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) arriving at his apartment only to find Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) sitting in his second favorite chair. Bruce is telling Barry that he knows he’s special but doesn’t know how and Barry is trying to deflect everything being said with humor and well-written dialogue. Finally, Bruce has had enough and throws a Batarang at Barry who proceeds to slow down time using his super speed and catches the weapon. As he examines the weapon it dawns on him that Bruce is Batman. As he enters real time Bruce says, “so you’re fast.” Barry then says “so you’re Batman?” Bruce explains he’s putting together a group to battle what’s coming. Before he’s even four seconds into his pitch as to why Barry should join him Barry says, “I’m in.” Bruce is shocked and proceeds to smile, extremely surprised at what just happened. Barry then tells him “I need friends. Can I keep this?”

As the scene ended all the reporters in the room were laughing.

Trust me when I say everything about the scene I just described couldn’t have been included in Batman v Superman. The scene was shot in a brightly lit room. Barry Allen was being played with fun and youthful energy by Ezra Miller (who looks so great as Flash). And Bruce Wayne had none of the cynicism and darkness that he did in BvS. Affleck was playing him with hope and an inner fire and a clear desire to protect the people and planet from whatever might be coming by surrounding himself with powerful people.

Going off this description alone, its very encouraging to hear reporters like Frosty be so excited. Warner Bros made it their mission to invite those most critical about BvS, and get them excited again for the DCEU. Its a very necessary move by the studio, especially if they want to have a big presence at Comic Con this year.

As for the scene, the first meeting between an older Bruce Wayne and a young Barry Allen was always recipe for great humor. However, what Snyder is doing here is beyond what I could’ve imagined, especially that final line that Barry says to Bruce. Moments like this are what the fans want to hear about, and see in the final product. Seventeen months stand between now and the release of Justice League, and hopefully fans got a little more excited at what’s to come.

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