‘Warcraft’ Sequel is Now Likely Thanks to International Box Office

Ultimately, Warcraft didn’t turn out to be the massive success that leads the way for other video game properties to get adapted. The film currently stands at a ridiculous 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that becomes less relevant to me by the blockbuster. Its also performing terribly at the U.S. box office, dropping more than 70% in its second weekend for a 10 day total of just under $40 million. The production budget for Warcraft (via. Box Office Mojo) is $160 million, plus half of that for marketing costs. Domestically speaking, this movie is a big time flop. However, as we’ve seen over the years with big-budget blockbusters (i.e. Pacific Rim to a lesser extent), a film can manage to under perform domestically, if the international box office numbers are smashing. That’s exactly what Warcraft is doing right now.

The film just became the most successful video game of all-time, thanks largely to its numbers overseas. Warcraft has currently made a little over $340 million internationally, with over $200 million coming from China alone. The movie is well on its way to making $400 million, which all of a sudden becomes a profit for both Universal and Legendary pictures. I’m expecting the overseas numbers to pass $400 million alone, and when that happens, neither studio can simply ignore this. Its now become likely Warcraft sequel will get the green light, and Duncan Jones is already voicing his desire to return as director.

I enjoyed Warcraft, especially on my second viewing. Yes, there are a handful of problems that are easily fixable, but in the end Jones did a very commendable job on adapting such a major property. Its a film that I recommend watching in theaters just to get the full experience, if you’re a fan of fantasy or video games. The ending will leave you wanting more, but the film overall sets up the world very nicely.

It disappoints me there is an extended cut by 40 minutes, which may or may not improve the film I saw, but that’s for another post. The point I’m making is that Warcraft is becoming another example of how irrelevant domestic box office numbers can sometimes be.

sources: /Film, Box Office Mojo

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  1. Speaking as a non-gamer here — and I really liked the movie. I thought the animation was lovely, the action sequences were exciting and the voice talent was great too. The ending left me wanting more. Enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thank you for this awesome comment! ‘Warcraft’ did an exceptional job with the details on the Orcs, especially up close. I’m eager to see Duncan Jones’ director cut.

      • Me too! Neither of us wanted the movie to end (even though I’ve seen multiple people complain that it was “too long.”). I wanted more of the story.

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