‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Release Gets Delayed an Entire Year (2019)

Here’s some potentially bad news for those excited for The Lego Movie 2. Warner Bros has announced the sequel that was originally slated for May 18th, 2018 has now been pushed back an entire year. The new release date will now be February 8, 2019. The reason behind the massive shift remains unknown, but Warner Bros remains committed to giving those in charge enough time to hash out a strong enough story for the sequel.

The studio is banking huge on the future of the Lego franchise. Last year, they announced multiple sequels and spin-offs. Among those projects are The Lego Batman Movie, Ninjago, and The Million Brick Race. Warner Bros realized they struck gold with The Lego Movie, while proving to doubters that making such a movie is not only possible, but can lead the way for a franchise to explore such a large universe. Now four years may seem like a long time in between Lego movies, but the arrival of next year’s The Lego Batman Movie should keep interest high among audiences.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller remain on board as the screenwriters. The directing duo are prepping to begin filming the Han Solo spin-off, so their involvement in the development of The Lego Movie 2 remains limited. Although this shift in release date could be to give them enough time to further lend a hand to the sequel’s director Rob Schrab, who will be making his big screen directorial debut. As for story details, Lord and Miller have both confirmed that four years will have passed when we revisit the Lego world.

There’s little reason to be concerned for The Lego Movie 2. However, if The Lego Batman Movie is a critical failure (and that’s a BIG IF), then you can expect more changes to come. Until then, sit tight.

sources: Collider, Warner Bros

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