‘Zootopia’ Honest Trailer: A Fantastically Animated, Well Told Lesson About Disproving Stereotypes

Zootopia isn’t just this year’s best animated film, it’s one of 2015s best films, period. The charming, fun-filled adventure that touches on so many emotions and themes just got released on Blu-ray and DVD last week. Now an average movie website would be reposting their review of the film or reviewing the Blu-ray and its special features now that it’s released. But here at Apocaflix!, we do it different. While there is a possibility in the future where we’ll review Blur-ray’s and special features, now, it’s all about Honest Trailers.

Honest trailers is a show from the creative minds of Screen Junkies. And if you’re wondering what the hell a honest trailer is, don’t look any further than its name, because it explains itself. Once the movie has been released on home video, Screen Junkies release their honest trailer for the bigger movies, breaking down the movie and giving us the real, honest version that some of us may have missed. Most of the time it’s Screen Junkies taking the time to make fun of in a playful way of that movie, with some being extremely hilarious. Others they try to do so, but come up empty and just praise the movie for its near perfect finish. For Zootopia, they definitely admit that the film is a true triumph, but have some fun with the fact that it does have its “been there, done that” moments. Disney’s Zootopia is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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