J.K. Simmons Training Hard for Commissioner Gordon Role

Zack Snyder has always been one to make his protagonists look as if they can throw down with the gods. From King Leonidas in 300 to The Comedian in Watchmen. Snyder has taken the same approach to his version of the DC characters. Henry Cavill (Supes), Ben Affleck (Bat), and Gal Gadot (WW) put themselves under extreme physical conditioning to give us our very first DC Holy Trinity onscreen. Not only do I think his style fits for the characters, but its pure bad ass to see onscreen.

Its not just the superheroes of the DC universe who will be physically imposing, but also the heroes without super powers. Next year’s Justice League will feature the debut of a retired Commissioner Jim Gordon, played by Oscar winning actor J.K. Simmons. He’ll no doubt have some big shoes to fill, after the incredible performance from Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight Trilogy. However, Simmons looks to give his own spin on the iconic comic book character. Judging by the photos below, it looks as if the retired Commissioner will have no problem coming out of retirement to assist Batman in saving their Gotham city once again. Take at the photos of Simmons below (via. Aaron Williamson’s instagram).

WARNING: Looking at the photos may have you feeling very out of shape.

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