‘Star Wars: Rogue One’: Lets Not Panic Over Reshoots Just Yet


In case you haven’t been following the development of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there’s been some troubling rumors as of late. First, the only real news that can be confirmed is that reshoots are taking place for the upcoming [formerly known as] anthology film. For anyone who follows movie news closely, reshoots are the norm with big-budget blockbusters. If you’re investing hundreds of million into a picture, you’ll probably want to make sure its the best it can possibly be. Its why exactly the reshoots are taking place that may cause a concern.

For Rogue One, the rumor has it that Disney executives weren’t completed satisfied with what they were seeing. Sources are saying the movie feels tonally off from what Star Wars is, and the story flow could be improved.

Nobody knows for sure what’s true and what’s not regarding details on the shoot. I’ve read certain reports claiming up to 40% of the movie will need to be redone, and that both writer/director Christopher McQuarrie (MI: Rogue Nation) and Lucasfilm are watching director Gareth Edwards closely to make sure everything is in order. The former rumor regarding the large amount of film getting reshot comes from Page Six, who previously announced (before any other sites) that Alden Ehrenreich is the new young Han Solo. As for McQuarrie’s involvment, he recently came out and shot down the rumors, adding that

“.. making a film – let alone a Star Wars chapter – is hard enough without the internet trying to deliberately downgrade one’s years of hard work. Who does that even serve? Let him make his movie in peace.”

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy & Director Gareth Edwards

Entertainment Weekly also did some investigation and their sources saying that “The changes have everything to do with clarity and character development and all take place [as inserts] within scenes we’ve already shot”. EW also reports that producer Tony Gilroy (Nightcrawler) has been brought on board to offer notes on the first cut, and write some additional material to enhance the story. This is coming from a more credible source than any of the previous sources (not named Lucasfilm or Disney).

So now that you’re up to speed on everything, here’s my take.

I’m not all that concerned about these reshoots, and neither should you be. There’s nothing definitive that says this movie was ever in major trouble. We’ve so far seen just one trailer, and long before these troubling rumors, the Star Wars fan base (as far as I’m concerned) loved it. What we do know is that we’re talking about Disney here, a studio that invests into their sub-division studios (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm) in making sure they have everything they need to create the best products possible. Personal preferences aside, Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm did an exceptional job with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That film had its development troubles early on, with Michael Ardnt’s original script undergoing a page one rewrite from both JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan.

I’m not saying there aren’t any problems with Rogue One, but even not knowing exactly what those problems are, I have faith in Lucasfilm to make the best film possible. They have major plans down the road for these anthology films, and I can’t see them not delivering something good and unique for this first one.

Let us know what you think about these Rogue One rumors?

sources: Entertainment Weekly, Collider, ScreenRant, Page Six

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