Ubisoft Gets Jake Gyllenhaal for Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ Movie


Tom Clancy’s The Division might not be the shooting video game to film adaptation that I was clamoring to see, but when Jake Gyllenhaal signs on to star, it becomes much more interesting.

Variety is reporting that Ubisoft is looking to develop a film based off their best-selling video game ever, and are putting together a package that includes Gyllenhaal, an unspecified director, and possibly another big name actor, before shopping the film rights to major studios. The project is in early stages of development, but getting an actor like Gyllenhaal, who has been on fire in recent years, is a great start.

I don’t play much video games nowadays, but I’ve been a big fan of Tom Clancy’s previous titles (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2). The plot within the game The Division sounds interesting. An agent of the Strategic Homeland Division is tasked to travel to a heavily deserted and crime riddled Manhattan, during the aftermath of a small pox pandemic, and must help rebuild the Division’s operations. Along the way, the agent under orders investigates the nature of the outbreak, while combating any possible criminals.

It’ll be at least a full year before production begins. Fans shouldn’t expect this adaptation of The Division to follow the game’s story-line, but it could take certain elements. I’ve never played the game, but I now suddenly have the urge to.

I’ve become a fan of what Ubisoft has been doing with projects like Assassin’s Creed (starring Michael Fassbender), getting Tom Hardy to sign on for Splinter Cell, and now Jake Gyllenhaal for The Division. Is it too early to call them the Marvel of the approaching age of video game genre in Hollywood?

Sources: Variety, Collider

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