Rumor Central: ‘Black Panther’ Casting Call Reveals Supporting Characters

If the debut of Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also an exciting lineup of talent backing his solo film. Ryan Coogler (Creed) is co-writing and directing Marvel’s first black superhero led film, and will have a rich group of actors to work with. Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, and Andy Serkis (as Ulysess Klaw) will join Chadwick Boseman, with more casting announcements to come soon.

Speaking of casting, it looks like Marvel is putting out a call to fill supporting roles. A recent rumor from lists a number of roles which the studio is looking to fill. These roles likely range from small to medium, but a few characters on the list play important roles in the comics.

Take a look below.


OkyoeA member of the Dora Milaje, which is an elite order of female bodyguards who protect King T’Challa. Okyoe is the most loyal member of the group who can communicate directly with Black Panther in dialect only the two understand. You can get an idea of her character through the image below, which features one of T’Challa’s Dora Milage.

Monica LynneAn American singer who, in the comics, was a significant love interest to T’Challa.

N’Gassi An elderly Wakandan man who serves as the Black Panther’s chief political adviser, and rules Wakanda in his place when he’s not present.

(Fan Casting)

Reverend AchebeOne of the more bizzare characters in the comics. Achebe is a poor farmer who sells his soul to Mephisto (the devil) after being viciously beaten by government soldiers. He is reborn as a trickster and schemer, who occasionally counsels with his friend Daki, a hand puppet.

W’KabiT’Challa’s military second in command.

ZuriA Wakandan soldier of particularly imposing size & strength.

Erik KillmongerA recurring nemesis for Black Panther. He’s the son of a Wakandan traitor who gave aid to Ulysses Klaw. Overtime, he moves to the U.S. and studies combat and technology in order to exact revenge on T’Challa.

MaliceA female villain who is mutated into the servant of Killmonger (above).

Queen Divine JusticeDescribed as a “street tough young woman” who at one point is discovered to be the rightful heir to the Jibari tribe, a separatist group living within Wakanda.

The Man ApeA self appointed ruler of the Jibari tribe, which disdains technology and follows the religion of the White Gorilla Cult, which rivals the Black Panther faith. He’s one of Black Panther’s key enemies outside of Klaw. Very dangerous with a strength enhancing suit.

White WolfT’Challa’s adopted older brother named Hunter. In the comics, he’s a White orphan who survived a deadly plane crash is was taken in by King T’Chaka himself, prior to his biological son being born. White Wolf is a fierce patriot of his homeland, and the head of the secret police. He later gets banished by his brother (T’Challa) for using forbidden torture techniques on prisoners. Hunter believes he was at one point the rightful heir to the throne, before his brother took over.


As always, take this casting call with a grain of salt. However, the source of this list comes from one who has previously dropped accurate information on Marvel movies.

Its likely that not all of these characters will be used in the first solo movie for Black Panther. However, they could easily make The Man Ape the main antagonist, with White Wolf playing a larger role down the road. We still don’t know exactly who Michael B. Jordan will be playing, but considering an actor of his caliber, I’m willing to bet he’ll play an adaptation of the White Wolf. As for the remaining roles, I would like to see some unknown black actors/actresses get cast. Considering the director at hand in Coogler, this project will be one of Marvel’s most unique ever.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th, 2018

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