Showdown Sunday #35: Sylvester Stallone vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welcome back to Showdown Sunday #35

Every week we pit two movie related forces (characters, movies, directors, etc) against each other and you guys vote who wins (via. Fan Poll).

Terminator or First Blood? Conan the Barbarian or Rocky? Predator or Over the Top (no contest here)? Commando or Cobra? True Lies or Demolition Man? Last Action Hero or Cliffhanger? Batman & Robin or Judge Dredd???

The macho era of action flicks was dominated by two actors. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These two former A-list stars defined an era of action movies, with guns blazing, big muscles, cheesy (yet awesome) one liners, and GALLONS of baby oil. Both men are legends in my book, but only one can take the crown.

Place your votes below and as always if you enjoyed this week’s SHOWDOWN, then please share with your followers and get their opinions.

image via. Yahoo.com

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