‘Transformers 5’ Official Title Revealed in First Teaser Trailer

Although last year saw Hasbro and Paramount Pictures announce a “writer’s room” full of talented names to guide the Transformers shared cinematic universe into the future, there hasn’t really been anything concrete that has come from that since. We know of Michael Bay’s fifth installment for next year, as well as the Bumblebee spin-off for 2018, but other than that it’s all quiet on the robotic front, until now. While it’s not major news, we now have an official title for Transformers 5.

Revealed through a short production announcement teaser, Bay’s fifth Transformers installment will be titled Transformers: The Last Knight. The only image featured is a close-up of a battered down face of Optimus Prime. While OP is the face of the franchise, to me, the title is a straight shot towards him, meaning Optimus is the last knight. Now what does last knight mean? The possibilities are endless right now, but here are a few that could end up being true. First is The Knights of Cybertron, where in the comics they are the first Autobots ever created and guardians of the Allspark. The second possibility is The Knights’ Temenos, an ancient ship once flown by legendary knights but was flown by the bounty hunter Lockdown. It seems Optimus was one of those knights back in the day, perhaps even the dinobots as well. It’s also good to keep in mind Optimus’ final moments from Age of Extinction, where he went off-planet to hunt down the Transformer creators. 

What do you think of the new title? Love it, like it, or hate it? Are you still interested in the Transformers franchise or are you looking forward to the planned universe outside of Bay’s movies more? Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight has a June 23rd, 2017 release date and will star Mark Wahlberg, Jarrod Carmichael, and Isabela Moner.

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