Rumor Central: ‘Justice League: Part One’ Villain is Big & Scary

*Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below

I’m definitely one of the few people looking forward to Justice League: Part One, while also acknowledging the problems with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a film. I think Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio set up an awesome cinematic universe that’s dark and as close to realistic as a major (mainstream) comic book movie can get. The best has yet to come for the DCEU.

As we enter Justice League Part One, we do so without the Man of Steel, who died heroically by stabbing a kryptonite spear into the chest of Doomsday. This presents an interesting situation for Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman to find others like them and unite them to fight for this world. We know that Superman won’t be dead for long, but until he returns someone will have to defend Earth from any other terrors that lurk in the universe.

DC comics’ big bad villain Darkseid was teased in Batman v Superman, meaning we’ll eventually see him at some point during the DCEU. However, like Marvel, this universe is saving him to be the end game for our Justice League. For the upcoming Justice League: Part One, I was always expecting a lesser threat that would be dangerous enough to unite the seven (without Superman). According to a new rumor (BMD), that threat will be a character we’ve recently seen in a deleted scene, called Stepphenwolf.

In the comics, Stepphenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid who invades the Earth. During the deleted scene (video below), he’s seen towering over Lex Luthor, giving him some kind of warning message before disappearing (notice Lex whisper “help” at the 33 second mark).

As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt. The source of the rumor (Badass Movies Digest) also made conjectures about the Aquaman solo movie in trouble of losing its director James Wan. Putting that aside for a moment, this rumor would make sense. Stepphenwolf is a powerful foe, one deadly enough to bring the Justice League together. Its likely that Superman alone could defeat this villain, however without him it’ll be up to the league to defeat him. So far, Snyder hasn’t disappointed me with the villains he puts in his films (General Zod, Lex Luthor, Doomsday), so I’m looking forward with what he does with this one.

Should Warner Bros stick to attending Comic Con this year, we’ll have more information about Justice League Part One.

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