‘Inferno’: Tom Hanks Returns as Robert Langdon in First Teaser Trailer

The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons might not be loved by critics, but to me they’re highly entertaining films. Tom Hanks is great as Robert Langdon, and his dialogue delivery regarding symbols and religion beliefs is entertaining. I don’t go into these movies looking for historical accuracy or close adaptations to the books. In fact, I’ve yet to read the books. For me, its all about the thriller and mystery, and no matter how far fetched or inconsistent the plot may get, I still have a good time.

Both Hanks and director Ron Howard are back for a third installment in the adapted series of Dan Brown’s novels, this one titled Inferno. In this film, Professor Langdon returns and is joined by Dr. Sienna Brooks (played by Felicity Jones) as he pursues a psychopath who’s possessed by the ideas espoused by 14th century Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno”, which he uses to craft his own bio-chemically engineered, weaponized virus (ScreenRant).

The first trailer has released, which you can watch below. I love the supporting cast, which includes Irrfan Khan (Jurassic World) and Ben Foster (Lone Survivor). Can’t say for sure what I was expecting, besides more of Hanks as Robert Langdon following the clues, which is all I really watch these movies for. I will say the that Howard is increasing the amount of visual effects in comparison to the first two installments. Hopefully, this film doesn’t get too out of hand. Check out the trailer below.

inferno movie poster 2016 tom hanks Inferno Teaser Trailer: Tom Hanks is the Worlds Last Hope

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