‘Space Jam 2’: Lebron James Will Lead the Tune Squad

For years, there have been hints at a Space Jam 2 developing over at Warner Bros, and now its officially happening. Lebron James will reportedly star in the sequel, with Fast Five director Justin Lin at the helm. If you’re a fan of the original ’96 film starring Michael Jordan, then this is probably exciting news. Its been 20 years since Space Jam, and many kids that enjoyed it then are adults today, probably with kids of their own.

No further details are known, including whether or not modern 3-D animation will be incorporated into the film. The original ’96 film featured aliens from Moron Mountain, who invaded the Looney Tunes world and challenged them to a basketball game using stolen NBA talent. The movie featured a memorable soundtrack and appearances from many NBA legends. Its possible we could see several modern NBA players from today make an appearance in the sequel, including Steph Curry and Kevin Durant.

As for the sequel’s star, Lebron James, he’s undoubtedly the biggest name in the NBA. He’s also proven to have some acting chops, with a small role in last year’s hit comedy Trainwreck. I actually saw guys in the showing I was in wearing their Lebron jerseys, so an entire fan base will likely be sold on this film.

Warner Bros shouldn’t have any trouble marketing this sequel. Lets hope the end product and its soundtrack is as fun as it was when we were kids watching the original.

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