‘Dredd 2’: Netflix or Amazon Could Save the Sequel

If you loved the violent action in Deadpool and are looking for a darker comic book film on the same level of awesomeness, then Dredd is a must see film. The 2012 action/thriller is one of the most well made R-rated comic book films ever, filled with plenty of action and suspense. It’s also the unofficial American version of The Raid, which is a foreign action/thriller masterpiece in its own right.

For years, both fans and people involved in the film, including its star Karl Urban and producer Adi Shankar, have been calling for the studio to develop a sequel. Problem is that although Dredd was a critical success, its box office returns were less than half as good as its product. Fast forward four years later to today, and the demand for a sequel hasn’t stopped.

A die hard fan of the Dredd film and of the comics named SteJay shared (via. Twitter) fan art showing the sequel as a Netflix original film, complete with a plot description and imagery. Its really quite impressive, and the kind of passion needed to give the sequel life (i.e. Deadpool test footage fan response). The image caught the attention of Karl Urban, who retweeted it while also adding his full support in getting Netflix or Amazon involved.

A few days after the tweet, Karl Urban attended the Calgary Expo, and was asked by a fan the status of Dredd 2. The actor responded by saying “conversations are happening”.

I never considered a sequel moving forward on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, but its actually a brilliant idea, especially for the former. Considering the success of Netflix’s R-rated comic book series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there’s potential for a Dredd series or sequel. Netflix has an eye for projects with creativity and passion behind it, and them overlooking a property like Dredd would be a huge surprise. The streaming service has little to lose investing into a series or sequel, and with the right marketing could have plenty to gain. Here’s to hoping something develops behind all the effort, passion, and creativity from members of its fan base, like SteJay.

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