‘X-Men Apocalypse’: How a Single Image Restored My Excitement

There was never a chance that the marketing for X-Men: Apocalypse would alter my decision to be in the theater on opening night. Bryan Singer returns to direct his fourth X-Men movie, and has knocked it out of the park with each previous film. Then there’s the subtitle Apocalypse, which suggests that we’re finally get the debut of the biggest villain in the X-Men comics. No matter how good or bad the marketing ended up being, this movie always had my money. The only thing affecting my excitement were the trailers, and for awhile I wasn’t impressed.

The marketing for Apocalypse was coming off what I thought was the franchise’s best marketing run with Days of Future Past. I remember just being blown away by every trailer, especially with the music selection. When the first few trailers for Apocalypse released, I felt a bit underwhelmed by what I saw. Maybe it was the editing, or the shot selections, or the music, or all of them combined, but it made the movie feel like an afterthought.

X-Men: Apocalypse was going up against some major competition this year, with Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, and even Fox’s own Deadpool doing exceptional jobs with their marketing. While the trailers for everyone of those films were getting me excited, it felt like I was watching more of the same from X-Men. Shots of the X-Mansion getting attacked, nuclear warheads slowly firing into the sky, and more of Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t appealing. Also lets not forget the line, “everything they’ve built, will fall”, which has been featured in every single trailer. I get it Apocalypse, you’re gonna end the world.

For a moment, I thought I would be going into this movie with mild excitement, and then I saw this image going around the web.

Somewhat of a spoiler image below


Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?! How f*cking cool do these costumes look?!

Every one of the characters above look remarkably close to their versions in both the comics and the 90’s cartoon. This is how the X-Men is suppose to look. Nightcrawler is wearing his white gloves, and even has the red V on his suit. Storm has a white/grey pattern on her outfit, with the cape. Cyclops actually has the belt going across his chest, and the blue uniform the closely resembles the cartoon. Jean Grey’s outfit is a combination of yellow and dark blue which is also close to the comics. As for Quicksilver, he looks awesome and I love that his costume has lots of silver mixed on it. Then there’s Beast in the background, who looks to be operating the Danger Room controls. Mystique wearing her iconic blue with white in the center. Lastly, Professor Xavier in his wheelchair showing off his newly shaved head, and feeling proud for the young team he’s assembled for the next franchise. Hot damn, I love you Bryan Singer!

Some might consider the image above to be kind of spoiler, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Fans of the comics know that Storm is an essential member of the X-Men, and although she’s one of Apocalypse’s horsemen, we know she’ll turn good again. I just wanted to quickly address that.

Shortly after discovering this image, I watched the latest and final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, which was just icing on the cake. I’m actually buying Mystique as a mentor for these young mutants. Love the Wolverine cameo, and now that I’m thinking about it I’m curious how he’ll react to seeing a different Jean Grey and Cyclops. That’s for another blog post. For now, my excitement for X-Men: Apocalypse has been restored, and May 27th cannot arrive fast enough.

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